Russia news: Kaliningrad standoff would maybe well screen if Russia needs to ‘escalate’


Remaining Saturday, Lithuania banned the transit of products subjected to European Union sanctions thru its territory to the Russian exclave Kaliningrad, which is on the Baltic Sea and about 1,300km (800 miles) from Moscow.

Lithuania acknowledged the proceed used to be according to European sanctions. Infuriated, Moscow known as it a “blockade” and promised to reply.

The banned goods include coal, metals, improvement materials and developed expertise, which invent up 50 percent of Kaliningrad imports, according to the residing’s governor, Anton Alikhanov.

Russia has demanded the restrictions are lifted, slamming Lithuania’s actions as “openly opposed” against Kaliningrad.

Sandwiched between EU and NATO people Poland and Lithuania, the residing receives affords from Russia by the utilization of rail and gas pipelines thru Lithuania.

Kaliningrad used to be section of Germany till the end of the World War II, when it used to be given to the Soviet Union at the Potsdam Conference in 1945. Russia’s westernmost recount has roughly 1 million residents, mainly Russians but moreover a small sequence of Ukrainians, Polish and Lithuanians.

And seriously, it considered in actual fact as a Russian militia heinous. The valid sequence of squaddies stationed there is unknown; estimates vary from 9,000 to as a lot as 200,000 militia personnel.

Russia, Kaliningrad map
Plot of Kaliningrad, Poland, Lithuania, Russia [Al Jazeera]

The rising rigidity is fuelling fears over the Suwałki Hole, an 80km (50-mile) land corridor crossing southeastern Poland and Lithuania, which is crucial to the safety of the Baltic states as it’ll connect Russia’s Kaliningrad and Belarus.

Al Jazeera spoke with Agnia Grigas, a senior fellow and skilled on energy and geopolitics at the Atlantic Council, referring to the scenario in Kaliningrad, its imaginable implications on the battle in Ukraine, and the model forward for the residing.

Al Jazeera: How would you characterise Lithuania’s ban?

Agnia Grigas: That is simply no longer entirely a Lithuanian resolution, but a resolution made in Brussels to sanction the transit of definite Russian goods thru the European Union territory.

Now, truly that Lithuania is the correct nation internal the European Union, the put this transit of products takes location again and again from mainland Russia thru Belarus, thru the territory of Lithuania into the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. It is most likely you’ll argue that Lithuania can maintain sought exemptions as some European Union worldwide locations maintain sought exemptions from the many parts of Russian sanctions. In a approach, Lithuania made a resolution no longer to maintain a look at exemptions from the sanctions.

Al Jazeera: Russia has acknowledged Lithuanian voters will “in actual fact feel the distress” over Kaliningrad. How would maybe well Moscow answer?

Grigas: Russia would maybe well enact its maintain sanctions on the sale of products to Lithuania. The primary Russian exports are oil and gas, and electricity, and Lithuania has already made a resolution principal earlier forward of this war, that this would well no longer be shopping any Russian energy sources. There could be ceaselessly a inquire of fertilisers and other parts but there is already a large blanket of European sanctions against Russian goods.

I search for Russia’s statements extra as threats and posturing for the Russian domestic target audience because moderately just a few [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s statements are inclined to be aimed to recount the get to the backside of and the energy of the Kremlin, moderately than basically specifying any kind of actions they would have interaction or for the external target audience.

What is concerning is that Russia frail or the Kremlin use the phrases that Lithuania has enacted a blockade, either the discover different is crucial, because blockade would maybe be perceived as a militia already motion, and which capability that truth, Russia would maybe well strive to, you respect, justify some kind of [military action], as effectively.”

Al Jazeera: Would possibly per chance presumably Kaliningrad and its financial system be affected? What are imaginable scenarios for Kaliningrad and Russian authorities to conquer this rigidity?

Grigas: Kaliningrad already is a extremely remoted militarised residing. Even internal the context of the Russian financial system, this is extremely economically underdeveloped. We are in a position to inquire extra stagnation and extra isolation for this residing. With out a doubt, the inhabitants of Kaliningrad, who’re already having a considerable time economically, are going to proceed to face extra hardships.

Al Jazeera: What is the significance of Kaliningrad to Russia and the residing, in particular in phrases of geopolitical safety? The Suwałki Hole is ceaselessly regarded as the weakest point of the NATO alliance. Why is that this?

Grigas: Kaliningrad is extremely primary from a strategic viewpoint and it can in actual fact be known as the Achilles’ heel of NATO as effectively. There are armed naval and air forces that Russia hosts there. It’s in actual fact a militia heinous separated from Russia’s mainland.

A key significance here’s a strip of land that connects Poland and Lithuania – the Suwałki Hole. If Russia chooses to utilize the territory of Belarus for a militia operation, as they’ve performed so, within the case of Ukraine, they would well moreover ship the forces from Kaliningrad, in actual fact elimination Lithuania and Poland from each other, elimination the Baltic states from the remaining of NATO territory.

Al Jazeera: How gain you imagine the Kaliningrad scenario can affect the battle in Ukraine?

Grigas: I mediate this scenario in Kaliningrad will recount whether Russia is willing to escalate extra this war against the West, the European Union and NATO.

Al Jazeera: The USA has acknowledged that this would well stand within the attend of Lithuania and its NATO commitments to shield it …

Grigas: NATO, the US and European Union worldwide locations were very cautious no longer to get interested by this battle. There’s an valid terror of most likely escalation of war with Russia without prolong because one, Russia stays a nuclear recount. 2d, due to the truth that it’s controlled in actual fact by a single man with a in actual fact small circle of advisers, who has in actual fact a free hand to maintain interaction whatever choices he would maybe well need.

Al Jazeera: Russia has acknowledged Lithuania’s resolution aggravates world meals shortages. To what extent gain you imagine the ban would maybe well contribute to the disaster?

Grigas: I mediate the area meals disaster is a results of Russia’s battle in Ukraine, the blockade of the Shaded Sea, and namely the port of Odesa. Russia would maybe well strive to link these two problems. Alternatively, I mediate the Kremlin has made a resolution to exacerbate the area meals costs, inflation and get entry to to meals to toughen its negotiating plot.

Al Jazeera: Lithuania and Russia already had historical diplomatic family, and the battle in Ukraine has worsened them. How will their ties be struggling from the ban?

Grigas: Lithuania has been a in actual fact vocal supporter of Ukraine since the very commence up of the battle this February and, frankly, since Russia’s occupation of Crimea [in 2014] and the initial invasion of the Donbas.

Earlier this summer season, Russia and Duma deputies had been discussing whether they must still revoke Lithuania’s independence that used to be agreed to by the Soviet Union in 1991. That is section of additional or much less a broader package of the Kremlin’s threats on a smaller neighbouring nation.

I don’t mediate Lithuanian-Russian family will toughen within the near future. Frankly, European and Russian family will no longer toughen within the near future, nor will NATO and Russian family, in particular as long because the continuing battle in Ukraine continues.

Editor’s note: The interview has been flippantly edited for brevity and readability.


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